How To Add A WhatsApp Chat Button On Website WordPress

WhatsApp Chat Button On Website Wordpress
Adding a WhatsApp chat button to your WordPress site allows visitors to your site to communicate with you quickly and directly, especially if you provide a specific service on your site and visitors wish to inquire about this service before obtaining it.
Currently, WhatsApp is one of the most popular social networking applications, which is used by more than 5 billion users around the world, which means that there is almost no mobile phone without the WhatsApp application.

Also, the WhatsApp application has become more secure after the recent updates, as the conversations are fully encrypted and not even the WhatsApp website itself can access the content of the conversations.

In this lesson, we will learn how to add a WhatsApp chat button On Website WordPress, which is a floating button that appears inside your website at the bottom right of the screen when visitors browse your site through mobile devices, and this button allows them to communicate with you directly through WhatsApp messages In order to inquire about a specific service within your site, or in order to obtain technical support and assistance.

Benefits of adding a WhatsApp chat button On Website WordPress:

1. Faster communication with customers: Most of the time we use the traditional contact form or contact us on websites and blogs, and this method has become outdated and does not allow the possibility of direct communication with customers who are looking forward to obtaining the best services.

By using the feature of adding a WhatsApp chat button directly on your WordPress site, you are thus providing a distinguished and fast communication service with customers. About the service on another site.

2. Increasing the number of sales: Customers always prefer to inquire about the service or product more before making purchases, and by providing the WhatsApp chat button, you provide them with the possibility to inquire about the service or product and give them the necessary confidence to complete the purchase from your website.

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Also, if you provide a service or product on a website and visitors want to learn more about the features of this product or service or have a specific inquiry before purchasing, all of these things will contribute significantly to increasing the number of sales on your online store or website in general.

3. Get reviews for your site: When a large number of customers communicate with you through the WhatsApp chat button, you can get feedback about the services you provide, know more details that customers ask about, and work to clarify them on your site better.

The WhatsApp chat button also allows you to get evaluations on the performance and appearance of your site from real visitors, and to know the things that need to be reviewed and improved on the site.

How to add a WhatsApp chat button On Website WordPress:


1. Install the button on the WordPress site:

whatsapp chat button on website wordpress

The first step to add a WhatsApp chat button to the WordPress site is to install the extension that allows us to obtain this feature . And then choose to add and install it and then activate it on the WordPress site.

2. Add your WhatsApp number:

whatsapp chat button on website wordpress

After completing the installation of the add-on, we move to the plugin settings by clicking on the Settings tab in the main WordPress control panel and then clicking on to go to the plugin settings.

The first step to do here is to write the WhatsApp number that you want to use to communicate with customers on your site.

3. Write a welcome message on WhatsApp:

The next step in the same settings screen is to write a welcome message that appears to customers when they open a WhatsApp conversation with you.

4. Save the settings for adding WhatsApp to the WordPress site:

After you have finished adjusting all the settings to suit you, we click on Save settings and go to your site to test the performance of the extension.

A final look at adding a WhatsApp chat button Website WordPress:

If your website offers a specific service or product, especially if you own a WooCommerce store that sells products, it is best to add a WhatsApp chat button to allow customers to ask their inquiries and get additional information about your products, as this simple addition can greatly affect Very much on the number of sales in your store.

In this lesson, we learned how to add a WhatsApp chat button to the WordPress site easily and in simple steps, and we also learned about the benefits of adding this feature to your site.

If you have any question or inquiry about how to add a WhatsApp chat button to the WordPress site, do not hesitate and ask your question in the comments place below.

We are always happy to have you with us on the WordPress site in Arabic and to benefit from the explanations and lessons that we publish on this site on a regular basis.

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