What is Server and How Does Servers Work?

what is server

Do you want to know what is server? You must have heard the word “server” or server while searching for  how to create a website or blog , or if you want to connect a group of computers with each other.

Server is one of the well-known terms in the Internet, which many people are trading on a daily basis, but do you know what is server?

In this lesson, we will learn what is Server, what are the benefits of a server and the common uses of a server.

What is server?

A server, is a computer that provides a specific service to other computers calledclients”.

This system or interconnection is called the client and server system, as the server provides a specific service to the client, and both are computers.

The type of service that the server provides to the client varies according to the type of server, for example, there is a server that only stores data, and there is a server that connects a group of devices with each other.

The most famous function of the server is to provide the ability to share access to data for separate devices that have access to this server, meaning that if a particular server stores a specific file, then all computers connected to this server can access the file stored on it.

One server can serve a group of devices, and one device can connect to more than one server.

Different types of server:

There are different types of servers that perform different functions. There is a server that works as a huge and shared database, while there is a server that works as a huge shared storage tool, and there is a web server that saves website data and presents it to website visitors.

There is also another type of server, which is the game server, which allows players to play collectively at the same time and store game data, which is what is known as online games.

To be able to understand the server better, let me give you a simple example of the server: Suppose you own five laptops and one desktop computer, and you connect all the laptops to the desktop computer via a USB connection.

In this case, the desktop computer is the server, and all other devices are clients that can access files, videos, images, or web pages stored on the server.

The web server works in the same way, but the only difference is that the devices connect to the server via the Internet and not through tangible cables.

If the server provides a specific service to the devices connected to it, whether this connection is through a tangible cable or through the Internet, and this service can be storing data or files and providing access to them.

What are the benefits of the server?

The goal of creating a server is to allow the possibility of sharing access to data and files from different devices and from different places, as, as we mentioned, all devices arranged in the server can access the files stored on it and download or modify them, and any device can upload files or Information to be stored on the server (cloud storage).

What are the types of server?

As I mentioned at the beginning of the explanation, there are many types of servers that exist at the present time that perform different tasks, and we will detail them in the tallest lines.

1. Server applications:

An application server is a special server on which a specific application is stored and installed, so that users from all over the world can use this application without the need to install it on their devices.

There are many examples of this type of server that runs an application on the Internet, such as an application editing Pictures on the Internet, or changing the file format, or even shortening links, all of these are server-installed applications that you can use without having to install them on your device.

2. Direct communication servers:

This type of server acts as a link between the devices connected to it, where these devices can exchange images, texts, files, and other types of data easily and privately, as the server receives data from one device and sends it to the other device. This type is chatting or chatting platforms on the Internet.

3. Data processing servers:

This type of server is based on the devices associated with it sending data to the server that performs the required operations on it, such as arranging, collecting, categorizing and others, and then sending the final image to these devices.

That is, if the server is programmed to perform tasks and has the capabilities of highly efficient resources, it will be able to serve a very large number of weak devices connected to it and provide it with the final image of the information after it collects, arranges and categorizes it.

4. Server databases:

This type of server is used as a unified and huge database, where data is saved on it in the form of tables, rows and columns, and then other connected devices can access information easily and quickly.

5. File storage servers:

This is the classic type of server, which stores files and makes them available to all devices connected to it, facilitating the process of sharing access to files, downloading them, or modifying them, using different devices and from different places.

6. Game server:

This type of server is intended for team or multiplayer games, as the game is installed on the server and allows all players to play at the same time.

7. Virtual Private Server:

A virtual private server or VPS is like your own computer connected to the Internet at high speeds and works around the clock without stopping. You can benefit from the virtual private server in the field of profit from the Internet and the creation of projects, as it is a revolutionary idea and is still in its infancy.

8. Web server:

This is the most famous type of server, and it is the type used by hosting companies, which stores website files and makes these websites available to visitors on the Internet around the clock, all days of the year.

The web server is characterized as working non-stop around the clock, and it is connected to the Internet at very high speeds, and it needs periodic maintenance and attention to continuous cooling.

What is the operating system used in the server?

Since the server is a computer with very high specifications, it must use an operating system for the ability to install applications on it and the ability to process data and user requests.

The most famous operating systems used in servers are the distributions of the operating system “Unix” or Linux, which are characterized by speed and security.

The second type of operating system that can be used on the server is the well-known Windows operating system, but from the Windows Server version, which is also characterized by speed, security, and the ability to install a large number of applications on the server.

Other systems that are used, but in a small percentage, are the Macintosh system or MacOs for Apple devices, and another system that is less hairy called FreeBSD.

What are the features of the appropriate operating system in the server?

  • The graphical interface is not available or optional.
  • The possibility of reformatting or updating the system and the server without the need to restart the server or turn it off.
  • A means and the possibility of making a backup copy regularly and from time to time in order to preserve the data stored on the server.
  • Ease and speed of Internet connection at high speeds and bear the burden of network.
  • The possibility of automation and automatic control of operations without the need for manual intervention.
  • Security, privacy, and protection of files and data stored on the server from the risk of theft.
  • The possibility and sensitivity of an advanced alert in the event of a technical malfunction or error or a problem in the electricity supply, disconnection, or excessive heat.

What is the server’s consumption of electricity?

In the event that the server must be in a permanent working state in order to perform the task required of it, a constant source of electric current must be provided, with a sophisticated cooling mechanism provided to maintain the integrity of the devices included in the configuration of the server.

Servers in the world are generally considered to be consuming 1 to 1.5 percent of the world’s total energy consumption.

Learn more about the web server:

The web server is the basis for hosting companies that allow you to create your own website.

As all websites on the Internet are stored or hosted on a server of the particular hosting company.

And this servers makes the website (which is basically HTML, Css and JavaScript files) available and accessible through computers or mobile devices connected to the Internet from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day throughout the year.

So, the hosting server is like a home for websites, and it is the backbone on which the hosting is based, without which there is no Internet.

When you enter a website address in your browser and then click on Inter, you will connect to the hosting servers on which the files of this signature are located and ask the server to display the blocked site for you, and indeed the hosting server will send the website files to the computer Your website is displayed on the browser, and all this is done in a fraction of a second, as a result of the strong performance of the hosting server.

If you want to create your own website or blog, you must first get a hosting server, and most of the hosting cost is about $7.99 per month.

If you subscribe to  Bluehost hosting  , which is the number one hosting in the world, you will receive a special discount of 70%, and you will also get a free domain as a gift.

The cost of subscribing to Bluehost hosting and having a server for your website is only $3.95 per month, meaning it is only $35 per year.

How to reserve a hosting server from Bluehost and activate the discount coupon:

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Bluehost has been using WordPress since 2005. So you don’t have to worry about setting up WordPress for your web hosting space.

Mostly they offer you:

  • free domain names for the first year
  • Includes free SSL certificate
  • Install WordPress with just one click
  • 24/7 live expert support
  • 30-day money back guarantee

1. Choose a hosting plan

First, choose your favorite web hosting package. If you’re just getting started, it’s a good idea to choose the basic package because you have everything you need.Bluehost-Pricing-SaddamBlogger

If not, you can choose other higher plans if you want to start multiple blogs. Alternatively, you can always upgrade the package later if needed. Next, enter the domain (blog address) you want to use. This can be your name, company name, organization name, or any name as your blog’s domain name.

2. Create a new domain name

Create-a-new-domain-Bluehost SddamBlogger

Bluehost will provide you with a free domain name and a free SSL certificate for the first year. Make your domain name short, easy to remember, and easy to spell.

If the domain name you selected is not currently available, you can try another name that you come up with, or you can set the domain by clicking the Create domain later option after purchase. Purchased hosting plan.

Create a Bluehost account now. You can log in with Google or manually enter your contact details. Make sure all the details are correct.

3. Enter Bluehost account details

When you’re done, select your package information. You can choose a package rate plan depending on how much you want to pay in advance. You can choose the plan and prepay in 12 or 36 months. With a 12-month prepayment, the monthly cost is only $ 35.40 and there is no risk with a 30-day money back guarantee.

4. Confirm hosting plan details

Package-Information-Saddam Blogger

Please pay attention to the promotion package extra. It is recommended that “domain data protection” have been added. What is the data protection of domain? If you create a domain name, the information is stored in the public directory.

The privacy of the Bluhehost domain domain helps protect your personal information online, and instead replaces the general purpose Bluhhost contact information. If you don’t want to add any more, clear the check box.

Finally, complete your hosting purchase. Enter your payment information, review Bluehost’s policies and terms of use, and click the green Submit button.


Server Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a server?

A server or server is a computer with very high specifications and its purpose is to provide access to the data stored on it for all devices that have access and connection to this server.

Can my computers be converted to a server?

Yes, you can turn your computer into a server by installing some server configuration applications such as Apache and keeping this machine running.

Can I get my own server without owning a computer?

Yes, you can get your own virtual server that works all the time and is connected to the Internet at high speeds, from Bluehost hosting, which is your own VPS server.

Do I need to have a special server to create a website?

No, you do not need to get a special server in order to create a website, hosting companies provide the server for you, and all you have to do is subscribe to the hosting service.

What is the difference between web server and hosting?

The web server is the basis on which web hosting is based, as it is responsible for storing the data of these sites and presenting them to visitors by entering the required website address in the browser. The web server is a computer while hosting is the service provided by this server.

In conclusion, (What is Server) I hope that you have benefited from this explanation and got to know what is a server and what are the uses of a server, as you know in the end how to get your own server.

If you have any question or inquiry regarding the server, do not hesitate and ask your question in the comments place below.


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