Affiliate Marketing: A Complete Guide to Earn Money 2022

A complete guide affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is to promote a product for a specific person or company, and when you make a sale, you get a certain commission or a percentage of the product price.

What makes  affiliate marketing  special is that you do not have to be the owner of a company or have a product of your own, as it is enough that you have a means to promote the product and then choose which product you want to promote and get a commission or a percentage of the price after every successful sale you make out.

Affiliate marketing is   the best and most feasible strategy to make money from your blog or website.

Earnings from affiliate marketing
Example of earnings from affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing  is very easy and can become a stable source of income for you from your blog.

In the previous example, the commission we got was $90-100 per sale, and we easily got 368 successful sales, and the profits amounted to more than $32,000.

In the beginning, and in order to understand commission marketing and how to profit from it, let me explain to you the steps taken by any company that wants to introduce a new product to the market:

  • First the company begins to find an idea for a suitable product that serves a specific purpose for a group of people or that this product solves a specific problem.
  • Second the stage of production and manufacturing begins, where the company manufactures the product and prepares it to suit the needs and uses of the target group.
  • Third after the completion of the manufacturing and processing of the product, it becomes ready for sale to customers. This step is considered the most difficult for most companies, as they may have a high-quality product, but they cannot reach the appropriate crowd who wants to buy this product or service.

For this reason, most companies create an affiliate marketing system that allows owners of blogs and websites, people active on social networking sites, or anyone who can promote this product and has the desire to market it.

The three main components of the affiliate marketing system:

  • First, the company or person who produces or manufactures the product, and it is he who does the greatest effort and work as he provides a high-quality product that meets the needs of the target group with high efficiency.
  • Second you! Yes, as a marketer of the product, you get to know the product well and try it personally if possible, and then market it to visitors to your blog, website, or even through various social media.
  • Thirdly  , the buyer or customer, which in this case represents the visitors to your blog who like the product because of your explanation of it and how you promote this product, and because the product is similar to their area of ​​interest and the field of your blog or site.

With this, it becomes clear to us that you play the role of mediator between the product or seller and the customer or the buyer, as you do not incur any costs except that you have a means on which to publish your articles and promote this product (such as a  blog  ) and you get your commission, your percentage of every successful sale that you get on her .

You can register in the affiliate marketing program for the product you want, then the company or product will give you a link of your own, which you publish on your blog or website, and every time someone buys this product through your referral link, you will get your commission or percentage in Sales process.

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money from your blog or website for three main reasons:

The first reason:  you choose the product that suits the needs of visitors to your blog or website, as by choosing a product related to the topic of your blog, the visitors will undoubtedly be interested or need this product, and the likelihood of them buying this product increases if you make a full explanation of it with mentioning the features and how It can meet their needs.

The second reason:  The commission or percentage that you get after each successful sale from commission marketing is very high. The average commission for most products ranges between 5 to 120 dollars for each successful sale, and in some products your commission may reach more than 1000 dollars. .

The third reason:  Affiliate marketing can prevent you from using ads, whether they are Google ads or others, to profit from your blog or your website, as ads are a source of inconvenience for visitors to your blog or website, and the rate of profit per click is generally less than one dollar.

By this, you are marketing to the owners of these ads that may be inconsistent with the topic of your blog and annoy visitors only to get a very small amount of money when someone clicks on this ad and this visitor may not return to your blog again.

With this, we have known why most of the owners of professional blogs and websites prefer to use the affiliate marketing system only and abandon the use of advertisements to make money from the Internet.

Affiliate marketing depends on the following:

1- Choosing the right product for the affiliate marketing process :

Choosing the right product for the affiliate marketing process is one of the most important factors for success, as choosing the right product can increase the confidence of your followers in your blog and they can make a purchase based on your recommendations with confidence.

2- Choosing the appropriate method for the affiliate marketing process :

According to my personal experience in the field of commission marketing, I recommend using the blog method, where you create an Fitness blog in which you discuss the products you are marketing for and make explanations for them, and then you promote these explanations on various social networking sites and the most feasible in this area is YouTube, where you can convert viewers to product descriptions on your blog through description links.

3- Use the most effective affiliate marketing strategies :

To achieve the maximum benefit and the largest possible profit from commission marketing, I have explained a group of methods that have proven useful for me personally in this field, and I have shared them with you in this blog.

4- Avoid making common mistakes in affiliate marketing :

There are a set of common mistakes that are the reason for the failure of many people who start in the field of affiliate marketing without knowing the basics, and I have collected these common mistakes in a single article on this blog, and you can find it.

5- Develop a solid plan for what you want to achieve from commission marketing :

Developing a plan for what you want to achieve is a basic matter and is not exclusive to affiliate marketing, but extends to all different aspects of life. It is necessary to develop a solid plan for what you want to achieve by working in affiliate marketing and the time period in which you want to achieve this goal.

What are the requirements to work in the field of commission marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest jobs for those who are fluent in the art of e-marketing, but do not worry if you do not have prior experience in the field of marketing, I will explain everything you need to do to be able to market in the right way and make money from your blog.

1- You need and must choose the product you want to market for

The choice must be made on the basis of the quality of the product and its suitability for visitors to your blog or its relevance to their interests. There is no point in marketing a football-related product in a blog that discusses women’s issues, beauty or fashion.

Factors you should consider when choosing a product:

  1. The product should be suitable for your audience (visitors of your blog)
  2. The product should be of high quality and serve the needs of your visitors with high efficiency
  3. Do not choose the product only because the commission that you will get from it is high.

2- You need a medium and audience to promote your product:

The best way to get a large and suitable audience for affiliate marketing is to create a blog or website. When you have a blog, you can write explanations for this product.

Also, when you own a blog, you can write promotional articles for the product and add links or billboards to the product in every appropriate place in your blog.

Also, one of the effective strategies is to use the product personally and then write an article in which you explain and share your own experience with the product and how it helped solve the specific problem.

Let me share with you a proven method to promote your product, which is to create a page in your blog called “The Tools We Use” and list all the tools that you use personally, including the product you want to promote with the addition of your referral links.

Another feasible way is to get coupons or discount links for the product you are marketing for in order to increase the number of sales you make. People by nature like to buy at a reduced price.

Is it possible to rely on social media platforms in affiliate marketing?

Until recently, social media was an excellent and very useful way to spread your referral links and profit from affiliate marketing, but most social media sites banned the publication of referral links in posts, which made it more difficult for people who were completely dependent on social media.

My advice to you is to create your own blog or website that publishes your articles and referral links freely and without any restrictions. You are the owner of the blog and you are free to publish what you want.

Now I am not saying that you have to give up relying on social media for e-marketing, but you have to create your own website or blog and rely on social media as a secondary means of marketing.

Where to start working in the field of affiliate marketing:

The first step to getting started in the field of affiliate marketing is to create your own blog. Therefore, I have prepared a complete explanation of how to create your own electronic blog in less than ten minutes, step by step and with pictures.

Where do you find the product you want to promote?

The first method: to go to the website of the product you want to promote and find the registration page for the affiliate marketing program for this product and register a new marketer account.

Usually you will find the link to register in the affiliate marketing program at the bottom of the website’s remover (footer).

Terms used to describe the affiliate marketing program:

  • Affiliate
  • Affiliate Program
  • Partner Program

Search for these or other similar words in the website remover of the product you want to market and register as a marketer to get your referral link that you will publish and use on your blog or website.

affiliate marketing
Affiliate Program Link Example

The second way: to visit your competitor websites and blogs that specialize in the same field of specialization as your blog, and learn about the products that they are marketing commission for.

As I mentioned to you previously, when choosing a product, you must take into account the quality first, and then take care of the financial gain that you get from marketing it.

Things to consider when starting out with affiliate marketing:

Focus on the quality of the product and the value you add to your blog’s visitors, as one of the reasons why your blog is famous and gets a large number of visitors is that you must provide integrated explanations based on prior searches you make before you start writing any article or blog.

Post your referral links on the most visited pages of your blog and make sure you publish them in accessible places such as the beginning of the article, the middle, and finally at the end of the article.

Don’t post too much of your referral links, and you shouldn’t make all your articles just promotional articles.

The best is to be moderate in terms of the quality of the articles, so you make some articles only for the benefit of visitors and do not contain any referral links of your own, and this will bring more visitors and make visitors visit your blog frequently.

Try the product and publish your own experience with the product in order to remove the doubts in the minds of visitors to your blog.

Try to make your blog a reference for everyone who wants to buy this product and provide support to everyone who purchased the product through your referral link, this will encourage more visitors to buy the product through the link on your site.

Since we mentioned that you have competitors marketing the same product, this requires your blog to become distinct from others and there is a reason for visitors to buy through your link rather than other blogs, from these reasons, as we mentioned, to provide support and assistance to everyone who buys Through your blog, and also to negotiate with the company providing the product to offer a discount to everyone who registers through you, if possible.

You can also publish discount coupons , if any, and be informed of everything new about the product you are marketing.

One of the most important tips that I give you through my own experience in the field of commission marketing is to have a clear plan for what you want to achieve through your work in this field.

  • First, you must determine the appropriate means of marketing, which I recommend to be an electronic blog.
  • Second, you must determine how to promote the product through your blog, such as writing comprehensive product review articles and articles comparing the product with other similar products..etc.
  • Thirdly  and most importantly, you have a plan for the amount you want to achieve, for example, 200 thousand dollars, and the time period in which you want to achieve this amount, for example, two years.

Finally, let me tell you the secret of success in the field of affiliate marketing, the secret that most people are ignorant of, and the reason why most of the selected affiliates in the field of affiliate marketing left this field and the reason why they did not succeed in it.

Patience, Then patience

Affiliate marketing is a very profitable business and an easy way to make money from the Internet automatically even while you are sleeping, but it is never a way to get rich quick.

In order to achieve success in the field of affiliate marketing, you need to be patient and work hard at the beginning.

When you start in the field of commission marketing, you should work hard to create your own blog or website and improve its appearance to suit the taste of your visitors and attract more visitors.

Then you should strive to write promotional articles, explanations and comparison articles that benefit visitors first and then promote your product second.

After that, you improve the presence of your site in search engines and publish your articles in various social media.

Affiliate Marketing Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is it possible to rely on affiliate marketing as a source of fixed income?

Yes, affiliate marketing can be relied on as a good, stable source of income. In fact, most bloggers rely on affiliate marketing as their source of income.

  • Do I need to have a website to work in affiliate marketing?

You need a way to explain the product you are marketing for, and the blog or website is the best option, and then you can bring visitors to your blog from social networking sites such as YouTube.

  • How do I find the right product for affiliate marketing?

The ideal product for you to market is the product of high quality and the appropriate commission. Find a product that you personally use or you have unique knowledge about, and market commission for it.

  • What is the best way to make money from a blog?

Affiliate marketing, undoubtedly, the profits from advertisements are very simple compared to the profits from commission marketing, and advertisements are a source of inconvenience to visitors, distract their attention and slow down the speed of the site

A final look at affiliate marketing:

Finally, I hope that you have benefited from this article and I hope that I have been able to communicate the idea of ​​commission marketing and how to participate in it and profit from it in a simple and easy way.

Stay informed on my blog, as I publish my own experiences in the field of profit from blogging with proof of payment and the amount of profits that I receive on a monthly basis from my blog.

If you have any question or inquiry regarding creating an Health and Fitness blog or commission marketing, do not hesitate to contact me and do not forget to share your opinion and ideas in the comments below.


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