How To Create An Email List For Your Blog In 2022

How To Create An Email List For Your Blog

In this article, you will learn why and how to create an email list for your blog.

Building a mailing list is absolutely essential for blogging success. This consists of collecting e-mails using a registration form. Subscribers to your list become subscribers whom you can contact at any time by email.

The vast majority of visitors to your blog will never return. It sucks. But it’s like that.

To keep them coming back, you need to convert as many readers as possible into subscribers to your email list . The more your number of subscribers increases, the more opportunities you will have to monetize your blog.

What is a blog Email list?

A Email list is the list of emails from your subscribers . These are all people who have agreed to receive information from you by entering their email address in a registration form.

Thanks to this list, you can contact your subscribers at any time by sending them an email. So you can connect more personally with your target audience.

Why is an email list important for a blog?

how to create an email list for your blog

Not having a mailing list is a common mistake to avoid if you want to start a paid blog .

Here are the 3 main advantages of creating a email list for your blog.

Build reader confidence

The number one reason to have an email list can be summed up in one word: trust .

An email sequence gives you time to introduce yourself to your readers and provide them with very interesting and compelling content.

You can establish a much more personal “one to one” communication with each subscriber. This is essential to gaining their trust.

It is for this reason that email is the most effective tool in terms of conversions and therefore sales of products or services. Email is the best way to turn a reader into a buyer.

Increase traffic to your blog

Even your most enthusiastic fans won’t see every new article you post.

Most of us just don’t have the time to check our favorite blogs daily to see if there’s anything new.

By emailing your list with a link to your articles, you can drive traffic to your blog . When a new subscriber signs up, you can direct them to your best content.

Unlike search engines or social networks, your email list is a source of traffic that you control.

Help monetize your blog

A email list allows you to create a stronger link with your audience. Thanks to this, you will be in a better position to offer them your products or services in your emails.

You can also take advantage of affiliate marketing opportunities and mention offers from other people or companies in your emails.

If you decide to follow this strategy, don’t just send out promotional emails sacrificing content quality. This is the best way to lose credibility.

Which tool to create your email list?

Create An Email List

If you want to become a pro blogger , email marketing software is absolutely necessary. It allows the automation of email communication with your subscribers.

You’ll need it to manage your Email lists and monitor the effectiveness of your email campaigns. This application can also contribute to the regular production of newsletters for subscribers.

An essential investment

If you are a beginner, you can opt for a free solution. If your subscriber list is growing, don’t hesitate to invest in a paid solution.

I know it is difficult to make this investment. I myself made the huge mistake of stopping a subscription to an email marketing solution when the list of my first blog had more than 10,000 subscribers. I still bite my fingers.

Along with hosting, this is the most important investment to make to make money with a pro blog. A Email list is a valuable asset. You have to invest a little to keep it.

Basic emailing features

I tested many email marketing tools: AWeber, GetResponse , MailJet, ConvertKit, MailChimp, Sendinblue …

Before choosing an emailing solution for your blog, I advise you to check the following points:

  • integration with WordPress: it allows you to install a subscription form to your list of subscribers on your blog.
  • the ease of use of the email editor: the interface for composing the content of the emails that will be sent to your list must be easy to use.
  • email automation: this allows you to configure a series of automated emails to a new subscriber following their registration.
  • the display of email optimized for mobile: most of the time your subscribers will consult your email on their mobile and the email must be readable.
  • statistics: the tool must display advanced statistics on the opening of emails and clicks.
  • GDPR compliance .

The most popular email tools for bloggers are MailChimp and SendinBlue . Both of these programs offer a free version.

However, the MailChimp solution has two big major flaws. The interface is in English and the pricing depends on the number of subscribers. The more your list increases, the more the subscription costs. With a list of 5,000 contacts, we go to more than $50 per month for the Essential plan.

Conversely, SendinBlue is a platform in French and the pricing remains reasonable even if your list of subscribers increases rapidly and I wish you 😉 With a list of 5,000 contacts, the price remains at 19€ per month with the plan Lite.

For these reasons, I advise you to create a list with SendinBlue.

Create a Email list with SendinBlue

Create An Email List on sendinblue
Try for free

Sendinblue is an email marketing tool that stands out by charging per email and not per contact. This billing is much healthier because the price will not increase according to the number of your subscribers . It’s a big advantage.

Initially specializing in transactional emails, the platform is constantly developing in order to offer excellent marketing solutions and efficient customer support.

How much does Sendinblue cost?

Sendinblue offers pricing based on email volume, not number of subscribers. Features depend on the plan. The number of contacts is unlimited for all plans.

sendinblue pricing

  • Free : $0 for 300 emails per day
  • Lite : $25/month for 10,000 upto 100,000 emails
  • Premium : $65/month for 1000,000 emails

Advantages of Sendinblue

  • One of the cheapest plans on the market with a generous free plan.
  • The interface and the registration emails are in French.
  • Excellent signup form editor.
  • Many types of email automation.
  • Phone support from the Essential plan and above.

Disadvantages of Sendinblue

  • Integration with WordPress is not so easy.
  • The Sendinblue extension for WordPress is not advanced enough.
  • The daily limit of 300 emails for the free plan is quite restrictive.
  • Automated email options are limited for cheaper plans.

Who should use Sendinblue?

SendinBlue is a good tool for sending email campaigns and newsletters that offers other interesting features such as Chat or SMS Marketing.

It is a solution that allows you to control your budget. Pricing by number of emails sent is a perfect choice for bloggers with a rapidly growing subscriber list .

How to get started with Sendinblue


You can create a free Sendinblue account and create lists with unlimited contacts and start getting subscribers. Sendinblue has published a guide to creating a newsletter for free .

It’s a good starting point to get familiar with this email marketing tool. The only concern is that the registration form is very limited. Integration with WordPress is not obvious.

If you really want to increase your number of subscribers significantly, you will need a WordPress plugin that allows you to create registration forms.

The best plugin for this is ThriveLeads . It allows you to create all kinds of email list subscription forms. It offers A/B testing, conversion reports, the ability to display a form on a selected category…

This extension is paid and in English but it is ideal for capturing emails in a WordPress blog. It allows you to quickly increase your list of subscribers. Sendinblue has published a guide that explains how to integrate Thrive Leads with Sendinblue .

It’s your turn

If you enjoyed this article that explains why and how to create a email list for your blog or if you have any questions for us, leave us a comment below!


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