How Much Do Blogger Make? $100,000 Per Month Seriously?

How Much Do Blogger Make

How Much Do Blogger Make? Seriously?


How Much Do Blogger Make? Can bloggers even make money? If these questions run through your mind, I can assure you that you are not alone.

First, I’ve been asking this for quite some time and finally decided to pull the trigger and start my first blog.

Second, these questions are definitely included in the top 10 most frequently asked questions I get from readers.

I finally thought it was a great idea to answer these questions only once …

Do bloggers really make any money?

Yes, I will.

Why are you even questions in the first place? The truth is 90% of the world, and the blog is almost hobbies. This means that your aunt Sally or his uncle gym does not understand how the income of the online website may have.

In fact, even if they are connected to the “online” rule, it may be difficult to wrap the head around such an idea.

I fully understand it-when I was just starting a few years ago, I knew cognitively that it was possible to make money on a blog, but in my mind Deep down I had a little suspicion that it might not be possible online to make money.

It sounds like it’s not true that everything is a scam. Um, I’m here to tell you it’s 100% possible, but you really have to make your own first sale to see it and believe it Hmm (even if it’s only 5 cents).

So how much do bloggers really make?

That said, it’s dangerous to see blind optimism and believe that if you decide to start a blog, you’ll make a sum of those coveted six digits. Certainly not everyone makes it big.

Bloger earnings
Photo credits: Problogger

A survey of 1,500 professional blogger readers (also known as professional bloggers) who are actively trying to make money from their blogs has been surveyed and the results are shown in the image above. As you can see, 10% of aspiring bloggers do nothing, but 53% do less than $ 100 a month.

The good news is that 555 (37%) earn over $ 100 a month. Better yet, 195 (13%) get at least 5 jobs a year and 60 (4%) are in the 6-digit range! Remember, we know how long each of those 1,500 readers has been blogging, how many blog posts they have, or how they make money. No … and the list goes on.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this is just a poll, but I would like to point out that it is possible to blog full-time to earn a living.

The right way to make money blogging

One of the main reasons bloggers make nothing? You are monetize your website the wrong way. Don’t try to monetize your site through advertising or sponsorship. It takes a lot of traffic to do the right thing remotely.

If all these bloggers who earn $ 0 to $ 99 in April start monetizing their blogs in a smarter way, they’re confident they’ll do much more.

We recommend providing services, creating courses, and affiliate marketing. This is because we have found it to help us earn more from traffic and viewers.

How much do bloggers make on average?

How Much Do Blogger Make

It’s like asking, “How much does a business make on average?” Blogs are businesses … Businesses are different …Therefore, it is difficult to break down into average numbers.

As mentioned earlier, blogging success is about you, how hard you are working, the steps you are taking, and how tenacious you are to keep the course good and bad. It depends on whether or not.

Some important factors for your ability to become a professional blogger are:

  • How well do you communicate with your readers? – Writing a large number of blog posts does not automatically succeed (quality is more important than quantity). As a blogger, your mailing list is your number one asset, but it’s not just about getting subscribers, it’s also about turning those subscribers into enthusiastic fans and building tribes.
  • Ability to build trust with readers – People don’t buy from people they don’t trust. The ability to build trust with fans ultimately leads them to spend money on your products and the products you recommend (affiliate products).
  • Take Action (Become a Creator, Not a Consumer) – The most important factor in becoming a professional blogger is your ability to take action and grow consistently. If you spend most of your time-consuming information rather than creating it, you won’t get anywhere.

OK … So I got all this, but why don’t some blog niches make more money than others? Absolutely!

Are some blogging niches more profitable than others?

Yes, the profit potential in some niches relative to others may be higher or lower for that matter. For example, make money…

Bloggers with a niche that are generating income often benefit from talking about yoga weight loss simply because of the average market price for products in that niche. niche market is higher than the average market price of weight loss products.

That’s because when people consider products in the money sector, they see them as an investment…

Hence, they are more likely to spend more money on them because they have a plan. recall with the help of the product. Now, before we start blogging about how to make money, know this… If you don’t know anything about how to make money, you won’t succeed.

NEVER blog about something you know nothing about or at least have no experience with.

This is the best way to lose credibility and trust with your readers, because they will see right through you…

  • Didn’t quite understand what he was writing
  • Not really interested in the field he’s writing about
  • All of the foregoing…

More importantly, people can still spot bullshit.

It’s best to write about something that’s close to your heart and interests you because:

  • You’ll love it and
  • You can make it as successful as you want.

Here are some successful professional bloggers who aren’t in the money-making niche

Some people have the false misunderstanding that in order to make money from a blog, you need to blog about it.

The reason I see so many income reports from people in this niche is my interest in blogging. Of course, you’ll visit a successful blog blogging on this topic and inevitably come across some income reports.

Also, those who haven’t blogged about making money have little incentive to post an income report.

About Blog Niche Only blog writers have the incentive to publish their income reports because they can be considered reliable professionals who inspire readers and benefit their business.

Therefore, if someone is a smoothie blogger, you don’t need to post an income report, so you don’t need to. That doesn’t mean they don’t make money.

Here are some great blogging examples from professional bloggers in different niches:

Well, niche blogs other than blogs for money have no need to talk about their income, so that’s a bit of a digging.

But there are many professional bloggers who blog to make a living and don’t share their income with anyone (frankly, it’s not anyone’s job).

Therefore, you’ll find that it’s perfectly possible to become a professional blogger in any niche.

You can easily start your own blog today

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