How Does Twitter Make Money – 10 Lazy Way In 2022

How Does Twitter Make Money - 10 Lazy Way In 2022

Social networks have gradually turned into commercial platforms. And the most underrated of them all is Twitter. In the article, we analyze How Does Twitter Make Money.

Twitter is a microblogging service that is popular all over the world. The daily attendance of “Twitter” is 125-127 million people, the average age of users is 20-40 years. This is an active and solvent audience that will be of interest to the advertiser. Like most large resources with a huge audience, Twitter provides an opportunity to earn money. The main thing is to know what to do.

At first glance, it seems incomprehensible how you can monetize your Twitter account. Let’s figure out why this is a promising resource.

Why is Twitter good for making money?

  • the audience of the resource is more than 200 million users;
  • the service is available from any device, so the share of daily user visits is high;
  • for the same reason, “Twitter” allows you to quickly convey information to a large number of people in the shortest possible time;
  • an account can be promoted quite quickly;
  • “Twitter” can be used as a search engine, which means that you can post information on it that will be seen by a multi-million audience;
  • “Twitter” is able to give good traffic to the site – this is useful both in promoting your project and for advertising other people’s resources.

Here are the main characteristics of “Twitter” that help to generate income.

How Does Twitter Make Money

1. Promotional Tweets

The easiest and most common way to make money on Twitter. You can place promotional messages or disguise them as your personal recommendations. The number of such tweets should be limited, because readers are unlikely to like constant ads in the feed.

You will have to earn on advertising not by the number of posts, but by the cost of one placed ad. To do this, you need to gain an audience of several thousand people.

Promotional tweets can be in the form of a short text message, a link to a website, a survey, a picture, a geolocation.

Formats can be combined with each other to create effective ads. For example, you share your impressions of a new purchase – indicate the place where you purchased this product, show a photo and add a short comment to it.

Or you are doing a survey for subscribers related to this product. Such ads are not conspicuous and look like simple content. The audience will actively interact with you and increase loyalty to both your microblog and the product itself.

2. Posting links to affiliate programs

This way of earning is used in almost all formats of Internet projects. There is nothing difficult to put on your resource a link to any site, product or service. The advertiser receives additional traffic and orders, and you receive a reward for each targeted action performed on the link.

But it should be understood that only popular blogs can make money on this.

To find advertisers who are willing to place their links on Twitter, you can turn to special link exchanges. For example, the TWITE affiliate program. To work with it, you just need to log in to the service through your Twitter account. Further, the process is automated: you simply indicate the desired tweets that you are ready to host, and you get money. The average cost of one tweet is $0.50-$2.00.

The more followers and tweets you have, the higher your account rating and, accordingly, the posting price. It is worth noting that the affiliate only accepts active accounts – you must have at least 100 tweets written by you and at least 20 friends. Also keep in mind that TWITE charges a 5% fee on withdrawals. But there are other services – the conditions for all are similar.

3. Business account 

With the help of “Twitter” you can advertise not only other people’s products, but also your own. Suppose you have a small offline business, but no online store. You can create an account on Twitter – its main advantage over other social networks is a higher conversion rate.

4. Sponsored contests

If you have a large audience and a promoted account, you can hold contests and promotions using sponsors that are close in theme. They can not only provide prizes, but also pay for the organization of the competition.

5. Monetization of the account header

This is the easiest way to generate passive income on Twitter. Each account has the ability to put its own cover image, which all users see when they visit your page. The banner takes up a quarter of the screen – and this is a great place for advertising.

Implementing the idea is very easy. The main thing is to have a promoted and visited account on Twitter. If you have accumulated several thousand readers, then you can look for advertisers. They are ready to pay good money for placing their ads in the header of their account.

6. Selling a microblog

Another way that is relevant for all social networks. You just promote your Twitter account and then sell it. For this, there are specialized exchanges where you can place your ad. Example: account created in 2015, has 16,000 followers – sells for about $80.

It becomes obvious that you will not earn serious money by selling one promoted account. Therefore, you need to work with several accounts on Twitter at once.

7. Creating backgrounds for accounts

If you are a designer or artist, this idea is for you. You can make money by creating custom backgrounds for your Twitter accounts. Many users want to creatively design their microblog to stand out and be remembered. Therefore, the design service is quite relevant among Twitter users.

8. Advertising on the background of the account

An advertiser can rent your profile and broadcast ads. You get paid for 1000 impressions. The method is simple, but you should not abuse it, because this format of advertising annoys many people, and you can lose subscribers.

9. Earnings on likes, retweets and comments

One of the easiest ways to make money on any social network. Your job is to like tweets, retweet, follow accounts, and leave comments. For each useful action you get paid. The price depends on the popularity of your account and the rating that you will have on such services as: ViewsExpert, Viralyft, Famups, etc.

Of course, you should not expect serious profit from this. Even with a pumped account, you will not earn more than $5 a day. The method should be considered, rather, as gaining experience and the opportunity to work with similar services.

10. Creating plugins and programs

This idea is relevant for programmers. Creating plugins and programs requires a lot of time and certain skills.

Special plugins allow you to add microblogging functionality to a specific resource. For example, site visitors can interact with content posted on Twitter.

Plugins help you add microblogging functionality directly to your website. That is, visitors to your Internet resource can interact with the content presented on Twitter.

Do you want a 100% passive income that puts money into your bank account even while you sleep?

For active users of “Twitter” and those who combine the maintenance of several Internet resources, such plug-ins greatly simplify the work. These are the people who will be your customers. True, services for creating plugins are ordered not so often.

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But such services are well paid, so you can place ads on thematic resources, as well as monitor tasks on freelance exchanges or vacancies.

How much can you earn on Twitter

The amount of income directly depends on many factors:

  • The popularity of your microblog;
  • The chosen method;
  • The amount of time you are willing to devote to working on Twitter.

If you can spend only a couple of hours a day on it, then you can earn $5-$10 a day. In a month, on average, $500 come out. As an additional income with minimal effort and zero investment – quite good.

But if you want to earn more serious amounts, you will have to pay a lot of attention to the project. Make sure your Twitter account meets the following requirements:

  • All data is filled in – first and last name, occupation, education, etc.
  • Personal photo (or brand logo) on the avatar;
  • Have a lot of subscribers, and real and active. At least 2000 people;
  • Constantly update your account, post tweets. The more often you do this, the faster and better the microblog will be indexed by search engines.

It will take a lot of time and effort to do this. But in the future, you will be able to make good money on your account. Now let’s move on to specific amounts.

How much do different ways of making money on Twitter bring?

  • Completing tasks – $100-$300 per day.
  • Affiliate programs – from $100 for one useful action performed by the client.
  • Background monetization – from $500 for 1 month.
  • Background design – from $2,000 per background
  • Direct advertising – from $500 per post.

These are the minimum rates for beginners. 

Final Word on How Does Twitter Make Money

As you can see, making money on Twitter is possible. This list includes the most popular and obvious ways to monetize your microblog. Anyone can make money on Twitter. The main thing is to make efforts and effectively use the resources of the resource.

This is especially true for you if you are a longtime and experienced Twitter user. Then you can not only spend time on the social network, but also turn it into a source of income.

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