20+ Top Blogging Tips For New Bloggers In 2022

Blogging Tips

Hello dear readers of my blog! Today I want to give you some blogging tips , these tips will be useful to you in order not to make common mistakes that beginner bloggers often make.

Every new blogger, first of all, should be aware that blogging is a responsible and rather laborious business.

20+ Top Blogging Tips For New Bloggers

1. Not for money

Of course, we all dream that our blog would generate income, and the more the better.

But I would not recommend creating a blog just for the sake of money. Because it will not bring money right away, and if there is no interest, then this idea is doomed to failure … First of all, blogging should become an interesting and favorite pastime for you.

2. Patience

At the initial stage, you will not see anyone on the blog except yourself. You will have to write into the “emptiness”, write for yourself for several months, you need to be ready for this.

If you have never had experience with WordPress before, it will be difficult at first to understand and master all the intricacies of this platform. I am sure that the main thing here is interest, desire and perseverance, and the rest will follow with time.

Blogs were originally created as online diaries where people could express and publish their opinions. They wrote about what was interesting to them. I created my blog because it has become an exciting and interesting activity for me.

Now no one comes to it, it is not indexed by search engines. I write in the “emptiness“, I write because I like it. And I believe that all my articles will be read, the work will not be in vain.

I believe that in the future my blog will be visited by hundreds and even thousands of readers per day. The purpose of creating this blog was the desire to study the chosen topic, I’m interested.

I am interested in the Internet as a whole, with its limitless opportunities for communicating with people, doing business, access to information, and much more …

I set myself the goal of mastering the tools necessary for making money online, exploring the possibilities of the Internet in terms of earnings, optimize and promote websites. 

That’s what this blog was created for, and why I chose this topic. I understand that it will be difficult to promote this blog in such a highly competitive topic.

I am writing these lines so that every new blogger understands what he is faced with, realizes the responsibility that he has placed on his shoulders and decides for himself whether he needs it. So that he doesn’t abandon his blog after a few months because he’s fed up with it. A person writes, writes, writes … But there is no return from the blog.

Hundreds of new blogs appear on the internet every day, and every day they die without finding their readers …

🔔 Remember: To make money you need patience and work, faith in yourself …

Okay, lyrics aside. We will assume that you have firmly decided to become a professional and successful blogger and are ready to devote all your free time to your favorite and exciting pastime.

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3. Don’t Forget Search Engines

With a niche, I hope you have decided. It should be interesting to you – this is the main thing! After choosing a topic, the first thing we need to do is to compose a semantic core, I wrote about it in a separate article .

It is necessary to clearly imagine the structure of the future project, select headings and keywords. This is a very important step, the further development and promotion of your blog will depend on it.

It is also very important to fill in the fields containing information about the blog: “title”“description”; “keywords“. And be sure (!) to install the plugin “Rank Math“, without it, further promotion of the blog will be almost impossible.

Also, you need to install the plugin , it will help convert the links of articles and blog pages into a more correct and convenient form. More about this plugin here.

Be sure to make a file “robots.txt” , the indexing of your blog depends on it.

4. Content will serve you for years

It is necessary to fill the blog with content regularly, preferably at least 2-3 articles per week, this is welcomed by search engines, and the speed of blog promotion will increase.

Articles must be written correctly, following the basic rules of “SEO” . But here you should not abuse the number of keywords, headlines and other types of keyword highlighting … Keep track of the relevance of your articles!

Still, we are making a blog for people, and the text should be interesting and readable, and search engines are wary of this. In no case should you copy the context from other sites: otherwise you can get a ” filter ” from the search engine.

Articles must be written unique ! At first they can be clumsy, with time it will pass, the main thing is desire and work.

5. Update old content

This is what I do on a regular basis. Review old posts, add related links (links to new content), update photos, add email subscription forms, Pinterest-friendly images with text, add keywords, check for errors, Add content upgrades. Updating some of this old content is a great way to increase traffic to your blog.

6. Spend time posts Researching

Before you start writing, make sure you do some research for your post. This is especially important if you are not very familiar with the topic you are writing.

For studies, you can search Google to read other articles on the topic you are writing. Keep an eye on the stats you add to your blog posts to back up your opinion, just make sure they are from a trusted site.

7.Write a compelling headline

Often, the first thing readers notice is the title of a headline or blog post. Therefore, it should be enough to get their attention and make them want to read the article.

See a step-by-step guide on how to write effective blog post titles. You can also use free tools such as the IsItWP Headline Analyzer Tool to create clickable titles for your blog post. This tool will rate your title and provide tips for improving it.

8. Connect with other bloggers

By making friends with other bloggers, you can learn from them and improve your blog.

In addition, most bloggers love to help other bloggers, so they may share your latest posts with their followers or become loyal readers themselves.

Connect with other bloggers on social media and start a conversation!

9. Comment on other blogs

Writing replies to other blogs is a great way to get more followers. And that makes a lot of sense. When someone actually takes the time to read your article completely (not skim) and actually writes the response, they take the time to start a conversation about your article (they are writing themselves) May be taking time).

Most writers find that people write insightful reactions to stories. This can be time consuming, but it’s one of the surest ways to get more followers on your blog.

10. Understand your audience

Content success depends on how well you understand your audience. Understanding the
Audience allows you to build strong connections with your audience. Use the language they use to show that you are an insider and that you understand them.

High-quality content that resonates with viewers keeps them on the site.

If you don’t understand what your readers want and need, your content can be useless or irrelevant to you. Jump to the next blog.

First, identify the target audience. Then investigate them. What blogs are they reading? What kind of podcast are you listening to? Understand their challenges and goals and learn how content can help solve problems.

11. Choose the best blog hosting service

WordPress.org is free to use for blogging. However, you need a blog hosting service to publish your blog on the Internet.

We recommend using the Bluehost. This is the most user-friendly and reliable web hosting service. It’s also officially approved by WordPress and comes with a one-click WordPress installation, so you can set up your WordPress blog very fast.

In addition, blog guide readers will be able to take advantage of Bluehost’s special offer with 60% off web hosting. This transaction also includes a free domain name. So you can start a blog for just $ 2.95 a month.

Bluehost Review

12. Make sure your name is clearly visible

When accessing a new blog, one of the first things people want to know is who is behind the blog. When commenting or replying to other blogs, I love calling out to readers and other bloggers with their first name, so make sure your name is prominently displayed somewhere on your home page..

13. Please write what you want to read

One of the easiest but most effective ways to create quality content is to focus on writing the type of content you want to read.

For example, if you’re searching Google for the answer to a question and you can’t easily find the answer, this is exactly the kind of content you need to create yourself.

14. Shared across multiple platforms

Instead of sticking to just one social media platform, you will be active on multiple platforms.

There are many choices from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more.
If you are active on several different platforms, you can reach a larger audience.

15. Pay attention to internal links

Internal links are important. Try linking to all the pages of your site using the Related Articles section at the bottom of the post.

Group content so that different topics on your site are divided into different “groups”. Grouping articles is one of the proven ways to effectively collect linked juices through your website.

These tips will help you get a legitimate ranking on Google. It also helps in ranking on all other search engines. Build the foundation and don’t take shortcuts with SEO. It will take some time for your website to actually take off, but once it takes off, it cannot be stopped.

16. Share old posts

Blog posts are listed in order from newest to newest (new posts are listed first). This means that old posts are buried and hard to find.

One way to fix this is to share old articles on social media. Beginners often think that recycling old content is not okay. It’s perfectly amazing, and experienced bloggers always do it.

To do this, you need to use the Revive Old Posts plugin. This plugin allows you to automatically share your old posts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. For information on how to do this, see our guide for automatically sharing old WordPress posts.

17. Create a brand email address

If you are serious about your blog, then it is important to have a professional email address. This is a great help in negotiating transactions with advertisers, as advertisers believe you are a legitimate operation. Here’s How To Create An Email List For Your Blog 

18.Traffic and Audience

To be successful as a blogger, you need to know the difference between increasing traffic and increasing your audience.

The difference is simple, but definitely everything changes. You see, traffic goes back and forth. Meanwhile, viewers will come, respond, come back and see more of your content.

A credible strategy for building an audience is to give members a sense of exclusivity.
Providing gated content as described above is one way to do this. However, a simpler approach is to create a private Facebook group.

19. Keyword research

Keyword research is the only way to find out what people are typing into search engines. You need to know this to avoid creating content about what no one is looking for. Many website owners make this mistake, and according to our research, it’s probably a big part of why 90.63% of pages don’t get traffic from Google.

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20. Start Blogging Now

Starting a blog can be one of the most profitable online businesses you can run with a low start-up cost. But what’s the right way to start a profitable blog? You may have many questions. Let’s understand everything from scratch! Click Here!


Increasing your followers on your blog requires time, patience, and a long-term strategy. These 20+ Top Blogging Tips outlined above have worked for me, but as the industry blogs are evolving, you need to keep up to date with the latest post in Blogging.

I think this 20+ Top Blogging Tips on this blog will be very helpful for new bloggers, but in the end it’s important to know that every blogger’s experience will be unique. Blogging is a rewarding but very rewarding experience for anyone who is passionate about writing, exploring new trends, and sharing fragments of life.


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